Gyms To Get Your Fitness Kick Started!

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The Best Gyms to Get Your Fitness Kick Started!

Summer is over, and while most of us strived to achieve that perfect summer body, doesn’t mean we should stop during the winter season. Health and fitness should be a daily thing we all focus on for positive mental and physical health. The idea of going to gyms though isn’t most of our first choices, and we know that the idea of going to the gym and doing the same routine can be tedious so here we have compiled a list of the top 5 gyms in London to suit your fancy.



At 1Rebel, they focus on 3 classes. 1. Cycle, which we all know now as Spinning. For 30-45 minutes, the extremely high intensity are guided through Rockstar instructors with live music from their very own in house musicians. With this class, you’ll definitely get a good sweat on. 2. Reshape which is aims to awaken you both physically and mentally makes you exert explosive energy, it’s designed to condition and resculpt selected muscle groups. The grueling treadmill exercise and 1R workout platform will help you get your ideal body. 3. Rumble aka the ultimate form of HIIT training which incorporates explosive speed, footwork and strength. 45 minutes of punching and your slowly on your way to becoming the complete boxer. Learn how to jab, cross, kick, combos etc. “A cardio boxing battle that’s no holds barred.”


Core Collective

The gyms you want you join are ones with a range of variety. Core Collective does just that. From spinning, to ballet, contemporary dance, cardio, HIIT, yoga, pilates and many more, you’ll never get bored! While it’s said to be more expensive than other gym’s you’d fine, the additional perks besides the workouts balance it out. You enter with a huge cafe and chill out area. Trust us, those really do come appreciated especially after a grueling workout!


Another Space

Here you’ll find 3 main classes. Yoga, HIIT and Cycle. Yoga, which is set to work on mainly your inner strength and flexibility is promised here to slowly raise your heart rate and help with your mental state. If you’re looking for something that’s going to give you a good sweat, try out the HIIT or Cycle classes. Both of them are high intensity, with the combination of cardio and strength training aimed to work out and strengthen the core and tone the whole body. Bonus: With that interval training, your metabolism will be shooting off the roof burning extra calories hours after the training is done.


Barry’s Bootclass

Brought famous by the Kardashian endorsement, this Hollywood famous workout ie. Barry’s Bootcamp came to the UK and is just as big here as it is there! Some say that it’s the best workout in the world as it’s claimed to help you burn 1000 calories per session, and what’s better is that despite it being extremely challenging on the body, it passes by in a flash! You’ll find yourself entering a room with treadmills all lined up in a basement gym in the midst of darkness with loud music. Doesn’t that sound like something different?



Can working out be fun? At gymbox, their main goal is to create this enjoyable vibe where people look at it as somewhere they look forward to going as opposed to a chore that needs to be done. There you’ll find a military fitness workout, a yoga workout they call ‘Surfset’ which is where yoga is performed on mini surfboards and even aerial hoop acrobatics. You’ll also find a boxing ring, amazing cardio equipment, and best of all, you work out with a live DJ in the gym!

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