Fright Night in Thorpe Park!

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September 25, 2017
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September 27, 2017
Fright Night

Fright Night in Thorpe Park!!

October is coming up, and you know what means. Costumes, Parties, Fright Night just for that one special day aka Halloween! Thorpe Park is now known for its Fright Night that they host every year for a month. This year, they’re bringing 2 new attractions with the addition of past favourites. Have a look at this years line up, and see if you’re up for this years scary fest! We promise you, this years Fright Night is set to be the darkest among all previously held!

New Frights!

fright night

Living Nightmare

The Walking Dead is set to invade Thorpe Park this year with this attraction. Here you find yourself and other ‘survivors’ at the terrifying mercy of Negan. The site shows a ruined atmosphere, with quarantine, warn down signs and visuals, with graffiti and zombies! Question is, would you survive this zombie apocalypse?


From day to night, you see the gradual change in the haunting atmosphere. You enter as a survivor follow the path previously layed out by the other lucky survivors. Main task: Journey to refuge. Might sound rather easy, however not everything is as it seems. If you watch The Walking Dead, you know that things are tricky, and here, virtually everything can be assumed to be a trap! And then it’s night time, here’s where you mentally prepare yourself to battle your way through the compound and take on the roaming walkers. Do you think you’d survive?

Returning Frights!

fright night

Platform 15

Nothings creepier than an abandoned underground station. Imagine being trapped there in the dark with rats, and all sorts of creepy crawlys. If that sounds like something that you’d like, then check out Platform 15. Trek along the forgotten railway line and uncover the chilling fate of the Sleepers. The sleepers were apparently past train riders who happened to be extremely ill and just were trapped on the train. So, are you going to be one of them being stuck in Platform 15, or are you going to escape?

fright night

Saw: Alive

Saw: Alive, also known as one of the most intimidating, scary, and extreme live actions mazes! Be prepared to find your way through horrific scenes and come face-to face with Billy!

fright night

The Big Top

When we think of carnivals, we think of cotton candy, fun booth games, rides and cute stuffed animals that you can win. At The Big Top however, you’ll find yourself in a carnival whose come back to life, with creepy clowns following you around. Think Penny Wise from IT was scary, wait till you see what they have here! Do you think you’ll be able to succumb to the torturous antics here?

Fright Night


If you’re claustrophobic, this definitely isn’t the one for you. Picture yourself being trapped in a contained room, with 10 people, having to solved riddles in a timed manner and escape. In addition to that, these rooms are inspired by UK’s worst nightmares. Is it possible to have a sane mind to escape whilst being terrorized at the same time?

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