Haunted Locations in London!

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haunted locations in london

With London’s rich old history, a number of locations appear to be “haunted”. There are a number of buildings, pubs, museums, forests, cemeteries etc that appear to have some gruesome tale behind it. Here is a list of our top 5 favourite haunted locations in London!

haunted locations in london

Tower of London

During its 900 years of existence, the Tower of London is said to be the most haunted location in London. Throughout the centuries, there have been numerous sightings of a number of spirits, the most persistent being the ghost of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s wife. Following her beheading in May 19, 1536, a number of sightings have been reported. Often times seen either near the place she was executed, or as a headless figure wandering the Towers halls.

haunted locations in london

Highgate Cemetery

Known as the resting place of Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, James Holman and notorious criminal Adam Worth, Highgate Cemetery is known to have its occasional spooky haunting. Back in the day, it was an ostentatious resting place for loved ones, however around the World War 2 era, its’ gradual abandonment lead to the supposed gatherings of cult members. Following this rumour, constant sightings of haunted entities started spreading and the cemetery was then branded as “haunted”. One instance being a man whose broken down car was near the cemetery claimed to have seen an apparition with red eyes glaring at him through the gates of the cemetery.

haunted locations in london

The Ten Bells

This one, known to be one of the most famous haunted locations is London is apparently said to be where Jack the Ripper’s victims, ie the Victorian prostitutes were consistently visiting this pub. Both Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly, both reported to have been drunk at the pub right before the attack. What makes this pub more interesting is the fact that the old faded decor and dim lighting adds to the haunting atmosphere. Some have actually reported to seeing the ghost of Annie Chapman roaming the location. Her poltergeist is rumoured to haunt the pub ie. by moving objects around.

haunted locations in london

West Norwood Cemetery Catacomb

Rotting coffins of people who died of cholera outbreak. That’s what you’ll find at West Norwood Cemetery Catacomb. This haunted location in London is an underground resting place for London’s Victorian dead. Back in the day, there was an overloading of dead bodies in this cemetery! While it is rarely open for the general public, those who have been fortunate to visit it have claimed to feel unnatural presences amongst them. Be sure to check this one out!

haunted locations in london

Epping Forest

Apparently, back in the day, this forest was known to be the most popular hideout for a criminals. In addition to that, it’s where a lot of secret burials took place. Imagine that, a bunch of nasty murders and their trapped souls wandering the forest! The most famous ghost sighting is said to be the spirit of the famous highwayman, Dick Turpine who used the forest as a hideout for many years! Whilst there, also check out Hangmans Hill as it’s said that whilst driving you can hear terrifying screams! In addition to that, if you leave your car in neutral on the hill, you car will appear to roll upwards towards the tree where people have been hanged!

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