Bubblewrap: An Asian twist on waffles and ice cream!

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October 10, 2017
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October 12, 2017

Bubblewrap aka the place which allows us to take some of the most Instagram worth food pics!


With the winter season coming up, most of us are most likely switching up from ice cream to hot chocolates. We however find that switch hard, just because it’s cold, does it mean that we should give up that sweet gooey luxurious dessert? Definitely not. Picture this, ice cream wrapped in a warm waffle wrap. Not just any kind of waffle though, but egg waffles. The dissimilarities in the taste and texture of both these elements while are big, actually perfectly compliment each other. In addition to that, all you social media fans would love it due to it being extremely Instagram flattering. Bubblewrap, located in the heart of Chinatown offers the most amazing, fluffy egg waffles, complimented with decadent ice cream as well as toppings ie.Oreos, Nougat, Strawberries etc of your choice.

Here’s a little History lesson

Back in the early 1950’s, egg waffles (雞蛋仔) were introduced in Hong Kong and up to this day, it plays an influential role in terms of food culture in Hong Kong. Currently, it’s found everywhere and is known to be a must-have street food. There are many tales to how egg waffles originated. The most classic tale though, derived from thew 1950’s was that some street hawkers/shop owners who did not want to waste broken eggs, and so came up with the concoction of mixing up eggs, flour, butter, milk etc, baked it in a mold and ended up with a crispy yet soft textured golden coloured waffle.


Bubblewrap incorporates the idea of waffles and ice cream but with an Asian Twist. With traditional waffles, you get that somewhat crispy texture all through the waffle, in addition to that, at times it can get too sweet if the portion is big. However, with egg waffles, you get that combination of crispy and soft, with a mild sweetness that slowly builds whilst taking every bite. At Bubblewrap, they make their own batter and freshly make the waffles once ordered. With the ice cream, you get an array of toppings however they have their very own favourites. If you’re more of a chocolate fan, then try out the Fudge Lover with Dark Chocolate ice cream, fudge and pecans. If you like something classic, try Oreo Up with vanilla ice cream, oreos and nutella. and want something completely out of the box, there’s a savoury option without ice cream called Avacado Egg which consists of salt and pepper egg and avacado. Due to its’ popularity, the line/waiting time is generally between 30-40 minutes, but trust us when we say it’s DEFINITELY worth the wait!


Foodies Festival returns to Alexandra Palace!

Foodies Festival returns to Alexandra Palace!

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