The London Dungeon Presents The Death Express

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October 5, 2017
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October 9, 2017
death express

Fancy a ride on The Death Express?

death express

It’s Halloween Month and here in London we have all kinds of events going on! We all know about The London Dungeon, they say that it’s already scary enough as you  journey through 1000 years of London’s darkest past featuring some of the most infamous entities of London’s dark past ie Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd etc. If you thought that was scary though, be prepared for what they’re featuring this Halloween. This year, you get to experience ‘the scariest journey of the 19th Century’ aka The Death Express. They say ‘it’s a one-way ticket for the dead and restless ride for the living!’

Here’s a little bit of history:

Back in the 1800’s, cemeteries in London were full due to the rapidly growing population as well as the outbreak of a number of diseases. Overcrowding means that bodies needed to be transported out of London to be buried. From 1854-1941, approximately 2000 bodies per year were transported from Waterloo to Brookwood cemetery in Surrey through the London Necropolis railway station. It’s been said that the 40 minute train ride was particular routed through glimpses of beautiful landscape for the sole purpose of providing comforting scenery. Picture it, a train full of dead bodies in coffins and their distraught family members.

The attraction: Death Express

Alongside with its regular attraction, this year guests will also get to experience this grueling journey with a dead people, coffins and mourners. Richard Quincey, head of performance at the venue, said: “It’s a nugget of history that has never been told in Dungeon’s history and is set to be the scariest attraction yet.” Just like their regular attractions, this one while being said to be the scariest show ever still combines the element of humour, thus making the guests go through a ‘rollercoaster of emotions.’

‘Is that the clickety-clack of the train…or is that bones from the coffins? Some spirits aren’t quite ready to leave the city, beware as they may be hanging around as you embark on your journey home…Hop on The Death Express but just make sure it’s not your final one!’

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