Secret Pop Up Cinema Coming to London!

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November 10, 2017
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Christmas Lights in London!
November 14, 2017
Secret Pop Up Cinema Coming to London!

Head over to East London, walk into a Narnia-like closet and you’ll find yourself in a secret pop up cinema covered in snow!

secret pop up cinema

From December 8, up until Christmas Eve, a snowy pop up cinema will be showing the best of the best of some beloved Christmas movies! i.e. Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually etc.

The best part about this pop up cinema is the fact that it 100% resembles a White Christmas as the warehouse hosting the event is decorated and covered in snow. You first walk through a Narnia-like closet whilst navigating your way through a ton of fur coats, followed by stumbling into a snowy fir tree forest. You’ll then find the ground covered in snow, so grab a glass of wine, some food and enjoy your favourite festive movies!

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