Must Watch Halloween Movies!

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Halloween movies

Halloween is fast approaching. While some of you enjoy dressing up and Halloween parties, or trick or treating, others might enjoy a movie marathon night filled with classic Halloween movies. So get some candy, popcorn, dim the lights down, reach for your blankets and enjoy a spooky night in!

Halloween movies

The Nightmare before Christmas

A Gothic mix of Halloween and Christmas with great story telling and songs through the use of ‘claymation.’ Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King grows tired of always scaring and wants to search for more than the Halloween town he lives in. His solution comes when he stumbles into Christmas town and decides that wants to bring the holiday to his own world and fill the role for the year. Only to find challenges, companions, confrontations and a re-appreciation for his life. It’s endearing tone and style has made it a cult classic.

Halloween movies

The Addams Family

The Addams family is a 1991 film adaption following titular family. While previous cartoons and television adaptions have covered many Gothic families adventures this is the characters first feature length movie. Following the family when a man claiming to be a long lost Uncle Fester arrives at their door, Gomez is ecstatic to share old memories with his brother. The family welcomes him back into the fold with hijinks and madness; despite Morticia having suspicions of Fester’s true identity. What ensues is “spooky and kookey” chaos as the family face a new set of challenges and create a Halloween classic. With amazing performances and a strange yet humorous atmosphere that the characters are known for.

Halloween movies


Beetlejuice is one of those classic Halloween movies that everyone’s seen many times but at the same time can be re-watched because it just simply never gets old. Beetlejuice is an Oscar winning movie that has now become a cult classic with enough success to create a spin off cartoon series. Lydia, a goth teen and her obnoxious parents Charles and his second wife Delia Deetz move into a small country home after the previous owners Adam and Barbara die in a car accident. As the deceased couple witness the Deetz family move in, they decide that they must do their very best to scare the family out of the house so they can enjoy their afterlife in peace. Their efforts prove unsuccessful but attract another spirit named Beetlejuice who says that he would help scare the family away. It becomes apparent that the couple get more than they asked for and a simple scare turns disastrously dangerous for both the Deetz and the Maitlands. It definitely gives you the chills and thrills as “The Ghost with the Most” ensures you’ll never want to say this name three times in a row.

Halloween movies

Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride is an eerie romance that mixes death and whimsy together to make a unique story of “the murder most foul” through the use of stop motion. Victor is a bumbling and clumsy man when it comes to the most things. This is without exception his arranged marriage with Victoria who despite the circumstances finds Victor pleasant company. Though the two seem to connect well despite their overbearing parents, Victor ruins the run through of his vows the day before their wedding. Distraught, he goes into the woods to practice his lines in solace. After successfully reciting his lines, he clumsily trips sending the wedding ring flying and falling onto a nearby twig which is actually a hand of a beautiful yet decaying women who comes back to “life”. New challenges now await Victor as he finds that his new bride is a corpse. With a dark yet comedic tone the Corpse Bride is  Halloween film for families to enjoy and will surely remember!

Halloween movies

The Conjuring 2

With the 4 options above, we needed to recommend at least one that would give you some sort of nightmares. If you thought the Conjuring was scary, get your pillows ready because Conjuring 2 is on a completely different level. The Conjuring 2 follows the Warrens as they journey to England to assist the Hogson family who have recently moved into a new home and are experiencing a supernatural entity, also referred to as a Poltergeist. As the story line follows, you learn the deep dark history which connects the Warrens to the Hogson family. It’s superior ghost story told with a spine-tingling way makes you feel uneasy but in a good way! This is a must see!

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