5 of the most amazing dive spots in the world!

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5 of the most amazing dive spots in the world!

They say that 70% of the ocean is yet to be discovered, with such amazing dives out there, surely we’re getting closer and closer to understanding this mysterious entity that takes up 70% of the planet. Here is our list of the top 5 dives in the world!


Barracuda Point, Malaysia

Picture an underwater tornado, just surrounded by barracuda with the addition of sharks casually cruising about. Besides barracuda, you’ll also find yourself surrounded by  turtles, groupers, jacks, parrotfish. If lucky, you’ll spot the hammerhead shark as well. Following this, the dive finishes in the coral gardens where you get to drift and enjoy the amazing colours under water.


Manta Ray Night Dive, Hawaii

If you want to get close to manta rays, this dive is perfect for you. Being surrounded by them, to the point where they get so close to you that you have to purposely avoid them accidentally touching you. Descend to the waters at night time to witness the rays hunting for their next meal ie. plankton.


Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole is virtually a giant deep, wide sinkhole, somewhat like an ocean vertical cave outlined by coral reef and is mainly home to sharks. The hole is almost 1000 feet across, so definitely visible to the naked eye from aerial view. Being 1000 feet across and over 400 feet deep, imagine all the living species inhabiting the space? This depth also is the sole purpose for the rich, indigo hue which causes the dramatic contrast between the surrounding turquoise waters. Dive just under 50 feet, and the water transitions from salt to fresh water. Before hitting the dark zone, you’ll see groupers, different varieties of fish and sharks. Hit 82 feet, and you’ll be able to explore the stalagamites of ancient caverns.


Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea

Egypt, mainly known for its Pyramids, Deserts and Mummies also has a hidden gem that not many of us would know. The Shark and Yolanda Reef dive is amazingly 3 dives in one. 1. Anemone City. 2. Shark Reef. 3 Yolanda. Divers begin at Anemone City where the clear shallow waters allow you see tons of anemones and clown fish inhibiting the space. Next, heading to Shark Reef. Despite the name, not many sharks are actually present. What you will find though is this so called ‘Grafitti Wall’, named so due to to it being covered in soft and hard coral. You end your dive at the wreck of Yolanda, which has really strong currents giving you the intense feel of experiencing a roller coaster ride under in the deep blue ocean.


The Yolanga, Australia

If you’re not just looking for a traditional dive where you experience the greatness of exploring sea life, The Yolanga dive takes you to a shipwreck off the coast of Queensland. Said to be more of an advernture type dive, you not only get to see manta rays, octopuses, turtles, a range of sharks, and spectacular coral, you also get to explore the famous SS.Yolanga shipwreck. You learn about the tragedy and get to first hand experience it with marine life by your side.



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