Escape Rooms in London

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January 11, 2018
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Escape Rooms in London

Escape Rooms in London

Picture this, you and a couple of your friends locked in a room with an hour to spare and the only way out is to solve the clues to unlock each level.  Grab your most trusted companions and get set for one of London’s live escape games.

Escape Rooms in London

Al Escape

 If you’re looking for a challenge, Al Escape is the one for you. With the combination of art, science and technology, they have brought rooms which were carefully designed based on particular pieces of history of stories that are both educational and fun at the same time! Clues are delivered via Whatsapp messaging on an iPod touch! How amazing is that? It’a heavily logic based , so for those who want to experience a hard workout for the brain, this one is the one for you!

Omescape London

Once you enter the room, everyone is split up! Everyone is locked up in a different prison cell and is required to instruct one another whilst being in different rooms, meaning there is a fair bit of yellowing through walls! The clues aren’t all set up in close proximity as the rooms are extremely spacious! This could be as close as you’ll get to a real-life prison break.

The Crystal Maze

4 different zones: Industrial, Futuristic, Midieval and Aztec. The Crystal Maze allows you and your friends to explore 4 different zones. Each zone tests different skills as well as enforces you to face different mental and physical challenges.   The more challenges you complete successfully, the more Crystals you win and the more time you’ll have for the final test in THE CRYSTAL DOME!

Area 51, Witchcraft, Da Vinci, Casino Heist, Taken etc… these are some of the themes of the escape rooms! If you’re looking for something exhilarating, this is the one for you! Be prepared to be spending a good our deciphering codes, opening locks and solving clues!

Mission Breakout

If you’re looking for something with a little bit of history, this one is the one for you! Set inside South Kentish Town tube station which was closed following World War 2 in 1924. The set up includes staff dressed up in 1940s army gear etc. Turn back time and find your way out in this escape room!

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