The Gingerbread City

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Think about the London Skyline, the intricate detailing, the impressive structures, the unique design that make them all form a one truly makes for a special skyline. Now think about a smaller, denser version of London, all made almost entirely with gingerbread. For the second time, the Gingerbread City is an exhibition of the city of London all through the use of biscuits. You get buildings and streets, all collectively designed and constructed by London’s best architects, urban planners and city landscapers. Head on over to the Museum of Architecture to see this mini city made out of gingerbread!


City landmarks you’ll find: Opera House, Train Stations, Places of Worship in which all are constructed along Old Crumbton Street and Sugar Strand. (which are all run by the Gingerbread City Council)

The idea behind the project was to spark debate. “Gingerbread City is about broadening the discussion about what makes a good place, and encouraging those not normally involved in architecture, design or construction to think a bit more about where they live, or where they work and how it impacts on them and others around them,” says Hilary Satchwell, director of Tibbalds. “How does it make them feel? How do they think cities should work? What should they contain?”

When: Until December 22

Where: Museum of Architecture,  27 Thurloe Street, London , SW7 2LQ 

Admission Fees: £3

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