The Most Incredible Lighting Designs

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The Most Incredible Lighting Designs

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Designer: Nikoleta Psalti

The Greek artist Nikoleta Psalti, inspired by the luxurious simplicity of nature creates the most unique handmade lighting designs.


Exotic Nights

Designer: Calabarte

The Polish artist Przemek, also known as Calabarte, sculpts beautiful patterns on African gourds which later become heads of his exceptional lamps.


The Cloud

Designer: Richard Clarkson’s

This wonderful interactive audiovisual fixture by Richard Clarkson’s inter-disciplinary design studio brings all of the thunder but none of the rain into your home. Acting as both a semi-immersive lightning experience, or as a speaker with visual feedback, this nightlight/nightspeaker hybrid introduces a new discourse for what a nightlight could be.


Porca Miseria!

Designer: Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer is a German industrial designer who specializes in the design of lamps and light installations.


OLED Dandelion

Designer: Takao Inoue

The Japanese cinematographer Takao Inoue has created a magical light that looks like a shining dandelion flower frozen in time. The graceful little lights are called OLED Tampopo – after the type of LED lights used to illuminate them and the Japanese word for “dandelion”.


Ballroom Luminoso

Designers:  Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

Artists Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock transformed old bike parts into six spectacular chandeliers, and hung them in the underpass of Theo/Malone and IH-35 in San Antonio, Texas. Ballroom Luminoso chandeliers create shadow patterns and make the underpass look truly surreal.

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