London National Park City Week

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June 28, 2018
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July 6, 2018

London National Park City Week

21 – 29 July 2018

The first ever London National Park City Week runs from 21-29 July. There’ll be over 280 fantastic events and activities happening as we celebrate London’s unique green spaces, trees, waterways and natural environment. Come along and explore the city with walks, talks, family activities and more.

National Park City Week is part of the Mayor’s plan to help make London a National Park City in 2019.

Events include:

  • walks and explorations to discover some of London’s lesser known green gems, footpaths and waterways
  • family activities in parks across the city
  • encounters with urban wildlife from butterflies to bats
  • opportunities to help look after local green spaces and find out what you can do at home
  • boat trips, bike rides, tree trails and more!

During the National Park City Week there will be several competitions:

  • Visit a London park you’ve never been to! Post a photo using #GoParksLondon for a chance to win a prize! To get started visit GoParks.London
  • Did you know that Ginkgo biloba trees date back over 270 million years? They’ve not changed since the Jurassic Period. These trees are real dinosaurs and amazingly there may be one living on your street or in your local park today. Ginkgo trees were re-introduced to Britain in the 1700s from China, and with no known pests or diseases these dinosaurs are thriving on London’s streets.
    Join TiCL, the team that with Friends’ Groups has brought you tree trails in London’s favourite parks, during National Park City Week to stalk these remarkable trees. You’ll be able to report sightings with the TiCL App (prizes to be won) and check on where these trees have been found throughout London National Park City Week.
  • All week long, the team behind the Curio app will be posting daily clues on social media, on their website and the Curio-xyz app. Solving these clues will lead you to some of the amazing types of trees that grow throughout greater London. Using the Curio-xyz app, you can hunt these trees in your local area and photograph them. They will be giving out prizes each day to the greatest tree-hunters! Check out for more.
  • To celebrate London National Park City Week, the team behind the Curio app want to see pictures of your favourite flowers in London. Maybe these are growing in a plant pot on your balcony or in your local park. Whatever the flower, wherever it grows, if you love it use the app to take a photo. Check out for more.

To learn more about London National Park City Week follow this link:

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