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With the temperature gradually decreasing and the cold winds blowing, nothing satisfies your inner soul other than a nice steaming bowl of ramen. The warm wholesome broth, mixed with the springy noodles and the complex flavours match up harmoniously to form this giant bowl of goodness. Here’s our pick on the top 3 ramen places in London!


Bone Daddies

Ross Shonhan, the mastermind behind Bone Daddies wanted to create something which combines the classic Japanese ramen with the mix of London contemporary culture, making it completely accessible to anyone’s taste buds. The vibe of the ramen joint is eclectic with old school rock and roll music being blasted in the background and walls being covered in images tattooed Japanese men with giant quiffs. The ramen goes through immense preparation with the broth going through a 20 hour simmering process. Everything is cut fresh and what you get is burst of flavour that challenges your taste buds in the best possible way! We recommend the Tantanmen noodles, which is a rich sesame peanut laced ramen broth with chilli oil.


Shoryu Ramen

Since it opened back in 2012, Shoryu Ramen has been recommended on Michelin Guide 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Their specialty being the Hakata Tonkotsu ramen from the Hakata district. The dish features a “thich, rich white pork soup and thin, straight ramen noodles.” Each aspect of this dish is so well thought out and each individual preparation is done to . The pork bone broth is simmered for 12 hours before serving, you get a choice of strange toppings ie. parmesan cheese, meaning it somewhat combined traditionalism to modernity to deliver a beautiful bowl of ramen. Tip: If you’re having the Tonkotsu ramen, try the Dracula Tonkotsu. The extra kick of garlic adds a punch to the whole dish!



Ippudo’s goal is to get your taste buds tingling, they incorporate elements and flavours which get your senses wondering. The perfect amoung of saltiness to spicyness as well as sweetness joins together to create this harmonious taste in your mouth enticing you to want more. Their signature dish, Shiromaru Classic also features “a tonkotsu pork broth served with homemade thin and straight noodles.” The surprise twist with Ippudo however is that a new, more modern type of the same dish made it to the menu; Akamaru Modern. Described as a bowl full of innovation, the Akamaru Modern is a bolder but at the same time refined interpretation of the original pork broth, but enhanced with their secret special blended miso paste as well as fragrant garlic oil! Definitely give this one a try!

Fun Fact: Apparently, it’s said that it’s considered rude to not slurp your noodles while eating as it indicates that the food is not tasty. Chefs take offense to it. 

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