Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Lit This Thursday!

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December 4, 2017
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December 6, 2017

London’s final tree aka The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is being lit this Thursday!


Little history lesson : During World War II, Norway was invaded by German forces in April 1940. However, the Germans were not able to capture King Haakon, the royal family, and high profile members of the government. The Germans then attacked Nybergsund, however the King managed to escape. In addition, he managed to establish a government whilst being in exile in London to lead the resistance effort. He became the foremost symbol and an inspiration of the Norwegian people’s will to fight for a free and independent Norway. In short, Britain aided with the liberation of Norway.

Since this event (starting from 1947-present), the people of Oslo have been annually gifting a giant Spruce to the people of London! The action is seen as a thank you and appreciation for Britain’s support for Norway during the war. The Christmas tree is picked from the forests outside Oslo, months or sometimes even years in advance for its height and pedigree, and then shipped to London!

Decorations: When it comes to decorating this tree, Norwegian influence tends to come in play. Lights and ornaments usually have a Norwegian touch.

The Lighting Up Ceremony: 

  • When: December 7 at 6pm
  • Events following Lighting Up Ceremony include: 1) Blessing of the Crib on December 10 2) 40 different carol singing groups performing under the tree between December 11-23

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